Home Front is retiring! 


After many years of musical growth together and spreading music and history to people in the eastern United States, Home Front is retiring as an entity and partnership.  Home Front started as a duo with Chuck Krepley and Tom Crytzer about 17 years ago (we think!)  After a few years, Nancy Conway joined in, followed by Greg Adams.  We became very like a family, growing and exploring together, and we are so grateful to have had this precious experience. 


THANK YOU all so much for your friendship and musical fellowship.  It's been one heckuva great ride.  We all continue our musical journeys in various ways.  Chuck retired and is gigging constantly with the hugely successful Irish band "Across the Pond."  Tom will be strumming and singing in Florida bars in retirement.  Greg has a million irons in the fire with his banjo research, camps, performances, and all kinds of awesomeness.  Keep your eye on this guy.  Nancy sings wherever she can. 


We wish you all...sweet music.






HOME FRONT is a group of musicians from Pennsylvania and Maryland who use music of the 1860’s to reflect and illuminate the American civil war era for modern audiences.  Dressed in authentic fashions of the period, Home Front brings history alive with respect for historical accuracy.  We are about history, education and entertainment!

Photo by Robert Conway






Formed in 1999 and with roots in Pittsburgh, Home Front is the premier presenter of Stephen Foster music in the style of the period.  They have entertained and educated in five states.  Their vast repertoire includes classic war songs, beloved Foster pieces, parlour music and instrumental arrangements featuring banjo, bones and fiddle. 


Photograph courtesy of Wassel Photo and Design